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Feel your best        

Discover  the  Wondersculpt  experience  with  our unique combination of Wood  Therapy  and  Brazilian Molding  techniques and feel the best version of yourself.

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alt= "slim drainage massage and wood therapy"
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Combine the sessions of your pack with the treatments of your choice and work on different areas of your body 

60 Minutes Pack:

IDR 5,500,000 

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90 Minutes Pack:

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IDR 5,500,000

Wood Therapy Technique

Wood Therapy is a technique that uses wooden tools to stimulate and treat different areas of the body. This technique, has been shown to be effective in improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing cellulite, and eliminating retained fluids. In addition, Wood Therapy can help to relieve stress and muscle tension, leaving our clients relaxed, and with a toned and slender body.

Brazilian Molding Technique

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Brazilian Molding is treatment that focuses on reducing liquid retention and celullite . Is performed with specific movements that aim to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in full body and promote the elimination of toxins and retained fluids.