It depends on the person, their diet, physical activity and the expectations they have for the treatment, but results can be seen from the first session, but to get the best and longer results, it’s recommended to have minimum 5 sessions. 

Depends on the person, but generally a session once a week or every 10 or 15 days is recommended to get good results. 

Wood Therapy and Brazilian lymphatic drainage are natural and non-invasive treatments that can be performed during pregnancy under the supervision and recommendation of a doctor. These treatments can be performed on the lower body area and face. During pregnancy, it’s common to have fluid retention, and these treatments can help drain excess fluids and make you feel lighter.

There is no difference in the time of day the massage is done. We recommend letting the body digest food before the treatment for comfort.

You can continue with your daily routine. We recommend drinking plenty of water, teas or detox beverages to help the body achieve better results. Doing some physical activity it’s also a good idea. 

In some people, bruises may occur if they are more sensitive than others, but it is uncommon

Wood therapy treatment doesn’t have to be painful. Our specialists ask the client how they feel to work with an appropriate intensity for a pleasant treatment.